Una película dirigida por / A film directed by

Eduardo de la Serna
Lucas Marcheggiano

Adriana Yurcovich

Sinopsis / Synopsis

Un hombre llega con su auto desvencijado a un pequeño pueblo. Se reune con las autoridades y les propone realizar un largometraje de ficción que los tenga como protagonistas, junto al resto de los vecinos. Sólo pide a cambio alojamiento y comida hasta el estreno treinta días después. Una vez que el intendente acepta, el pueblo vive durante un mes el ritmo de película propuesto por el cineasta solitario.

A man arrives at a village driving his rickety car. He proposes the village authorities to make a feature film there. Only the village people including the authorities would act in the film. The traveller only asks for lodging and meals till his film's release a month afterwards. The offer is accepted and the making of this film is the most important event in the village along a month.


domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

Lanzamiento británico con competencia

EL AMBULANTE llega a los cines del Reino Unido
el 15 de julio, y como celebración la distribuidora Network Releasing invita a una competencia de cortometrajes para acompañar a la película en el cine y en el DVD:


To celebrate the UK cinema release of THE PEDDLER on 15th July, Network Releasing invites filmmakers to submit their short film to a contest judged by film co-director Eduardo de la Serna, Time Out Film Editor Dave Calhoun, and Managing Director of Network Tim Beddows. For details on entering the contest please visit the link at the end of this news item.

Daniel Burmeister is the most prolific filmmaker you've never heard of. Armed with a camera and enough charm to persuade entire towns to join in on his dreams, this tireless, jolly DIY movie veteran rolls in his beat up old car from one backwater Argentine town to another. There, in exchange for room and board, he turns out a feature film in 30 days, transforming these sleepy villages into bustling film sets and the bored populace into avid performers. We are giving members of the UK public the chance to see their own short film in cinemas and on DVD in the spirit of THE PEDDLER. Like Daniel Burmeister, members of the UK public will have to submit their films in 30 days! Described as, "A beautiful film" (Time Out), "A gem" (Evening Standard) and "Be Kind Rewind only for real" (Eyeforfilm.co.uk), THE PEDDLER is one of the most remarkable films anyone is likely to see this year.

The winner and runners-up will be announced at an event screening at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, London, on Friday 15th July. The winning film will be played prior to cinema screenings of the PEDDLER at the Riverside on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July, and will also be included with runners-up on the UK DVD release later this year. Deadline for submissions is by 12am on Saturday 11th June 2011 and the contest is open to UK-based filmmakers only. Full details on the contest can be found at: