Una película dirigida por / A film directed by

Eduardo de la Serna
Lucas Marcheggiano

Adriana Yurcovich

Sinopsis / Synopsis

Un hombre llega con su auto desvencijado a un pequeño pueblo. Se reune con las autoridades y les propone realizar un largometraje de ficción que los tenga como protagonistas, junto al resto de los vecinos. Sólo pide a cambio alojamiento y comida hasta el estreno treinta días después. Una vez que el intendente acepta, el pueblo vive durante un mes el ritmo de película propuesto por el cineasta solitario.

A man arrives at a village driving his rickety car. He proposes the village authorities to make a feature film there. Only the village people including the authorities would act in the film. The traveller only asks for lodging and meals till his film's release a month afterwards. The offer is accepted and the making of this film is the most important event in the village along a month.


domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

Mejor Documental en el FIACID

EL AMBULANTE ganó el Premio al Mejor Documental en el Festival Iberoamericano de Cine Digital de Lima (Perú). Con éste ya tiene 18 premios internacionales.

Hoy, último día del festival, se pasan las películas ganadoras. EL AMBULANTE está a las 2 PM en el C. C. España y a las 4 PM en el Museo de la Nación.

viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012


Compartimos ya críticas recibidas cuando EL AMBULANTE estuvo en el BFI London Film Festival (publicadas en New Statesman, London Evening Standard y otros medios), así como algunas de las que se publicaron en medios en español, en una entrada anterior. Ahora añadimos fragmentos de otras críticas publicadas en inglés:

"The subject matter of 'The Peddler' is so engaging, the only question is whether helmers Lucas Marcheggiano, Eduardo de la Serna and Adriana Yurcovich will do it justice. They do. A gentle, simply told account of a remarkable sixtysomething Argentinean man who travels from pueblo to pueblo making movies featuring the locals, pic is a real charmer whose main virtue is the down-to-earth manner in which it tells its extraordinary tale. As an account of a man whose entire life pays homage to the transforming power of movies, this feel-good "Peddler" deserves to sell its wares at international fests." Variety

"The Peddler is a wonderfully inspirational tale that unveils one of the true characters of world cinema. Daniel Burmeister is reminiscent of the character in Don Siegel’s Charley Varrick who calls himself the last of the independents. Burmeister is exactly that, a man who lives and operates by his own rules simply looking to entertain people. All the planning done by Hollywood studios is simply non-existent here as his philosophy of getting actual people emotionally involved works. The Peddler is a wondrous treat to everyone who loves the pleasure of films at their simplest of levels, removed from all the histrionics and CGI induced nonsense of modern day Hollywood." Cult Film Forum

"The directors keep Burmeister in focus, but also his interactions with the community and the effect he has on them, as though he is a strange lightening rod of their energy. In the film, Burmeister says that he finds often many villagers he meets don’t appreciate themselves, and part of his job is to help them do just that while bringing the art of cinema back to its roots." Little White Lies

"The documentary film was so heart warming. Daniel enters the lives of people, makes them dreamers for a few weeks, captures their creativity and records it for them forever. Beautifully shot and absurdly funny, it is very hard not to fall in love with Daniel, his movie and the documentary. The film is a testimony to the lengths to which filmmakers go to make the impossible possible in the D.I.Y. world." Real Talkies

"The mere process of making a feature film transforms the town, the way the residents interact with one another, how they view themselves. It was especially fun to watch the documentary in a theater full of filmmakers (in town for SXSW’s film festival). While they couldn’t help but giggle at Burmeister’s amateurism, they were clearly inspired by his passion and his philosophy of 'artisan filmmaking'." El Oso

"Argentine directors Eduardo de la Serna, Lucas Marcheggiano and Adriana Yurovich's 'The Peddler' (El ambulante) profiles a filmmaker who brings new meaning to the DIY approach." IndieWIRE

"It's a refreshing an open-style film making format that brings so much more out to play than a strict bottom line. Warm & inviting, it brings a wonderful sense of joy from everyone involved." Movie Moxie

"'The Peddler' is one of the most loving valentines to the joy of filmmaking I have ever seen. Giddy enthusiasm for creation’s spark and energy is in every frame." Film Threat

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