Una película dirigida por / A film directed by

Eduardo de la Serna
Lucas Marcheggiano

Adriana Yurcovich

Sinopsis / Synopsis

Un hombre llega con su auto desvencijado a un pequeño pueblo. Se reune con las autoridades y les propone realizar un largometraje de ficción que los tenga como protagonistas, junto al resto de los vecinos. Sólo pide a cambio alojamiento y comida hasta el estreno treinta días después. Una vez que el intendente acepta, el pueblo vive durante un mes el ritmo de película propuesto por el cineasta solitario.

A man arrives at a village driving his rickety car. He proposes the village authorities to make a feature film there. Only the village people including the authorities would act in the film. The traveller only asks for lodging and meals till his film's release a month afterwards. The offer is accepted and the making of this film is the most important event in the village along a month.


miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

La película en el BFI London Film Festival

EL AMBULANTE (THE PEDDLER) recibe buenas críticas y comentarios en Londres.

En New Statesman, Ryan Gilbey publica una nota encabezada con la frase The future of the documentary is in safe hands, donde lanza I urge you to catch The Peddler, an Argentinian documentary that is one of the most disarming and compassionate films you'll see all year. Y cierra con this is a glorious celebration of community, imagination and the transformative power of film-making.

En London Evening Standard, Nick Curtis se refiere a la película como this beautifully low-key documentary gem y dice The film's huge charm lies in the potent sense of community that flowers as the village cooks up a rackety comedy called Let's Kill Uncle. And from the ebullience of Burmeister himself, a sixtysomething Hemingway lookalike.

En Eye For Film, Anton Bitel escribe en su crítica: Full of humour and humanity, The Peddler is a delight from start to finish, but the sweetness of its pleasures is finely balanced by the bitterness of its elegiac tone. For as Burmeister drives off into the sunset in his decrepit old Dodge, we are left to ponder not just his achievements, but also his dislocation, obsolescence and solitude.

Monsters & Critics la incluye en sus 10 Must See Films. Evrim Ersoy expone 10 films at London Film Festival 2010 that you should not miss selected for you by our team at Monsters & Critics.
The Peddler: The best documentary of the year is a heartwarming tale of a dreamer: Daniel Burmeister who is a self-trained moviemaker travelling around Argentina from village to village making movies. Exceptional in every possible way, this unique tale of a man in love with cinema bringing people together is certainly something to behold.

Time Out London la coloca en una lista de las mejores películas del festival y en la crítica publicada ahí por Tom Huddleston pone Burmeister's true contribution is social cohesion, as the villagers work together to create something memorable. 'The Peddler' is a beautiful film, following Burmesiter as he preps, shoots, edits and screens his film for a delighted, invested audience: a genuinely positive experience.

The New Current, en su crítica: El Ambulante, The Peddler, is a documentary that will lift your spirits and put the biggest smile on your face by the end. Does Daniel Burmeister really exist, does this type of spirit really travel from town to town in this way? El Ambulante will inspire you in a way you wont understand at first but will grow to realise just how important a person he really is, this film is a stunning testimony of how important documentary films can be.

En Flickfeast, Natasha Saifolahi escribe One of my favorite films from the London Film Festival so far has got to be The Peddler – Filmed mostly in documentary style, apart from the scenic long shots, this is a film about handcrafted filmmaking.

En OntheBox, Jamie Steiner recomienda 5 de todas las películas del festival, para quienes lo piden: So what do you suggest I check out if I can only go see 5 films? Hands Up, A Screaming Man, Lemmy, Never Let Me Go & The Peddler.

En Dog and Wolf, Mark Wilshin destaca la película entre los documentales que sugiere ver en el festival y la describe como a humorous rediscovery of the quintessence of cinema as an itinerant filmmaker goes from town to town making films and bringing communities together.

En Cinephile, Matthew Thrift hace una elogiosa crítica a la película, a la que caracteriza como wonderfully charming and heartwarming documentary.

En el sitio del BFI London Film Festival, María Delgado, del Equipo del Festival, responde a la pregunta Do you have any advice or personal recommendations for anyone overwhelmed by the size and scope of the festival programme? diciendo I can personally recommend several quirky films which fuse documentary filmmaking with fiction: The Peddler, The Lips and Father.

Hoy EL AMBULANTE (THE PEDDLER) tiene su última función en el London Film Festival, a las 6.45 PM, en la sala 1 del ICA.

En la columna lateral hay enlaces a críticas y entrevistas completas.

PD (26-10): En New Statesman, a dos días de concluir el LFF, Ryan Gilbey presenta un resumen de lo que le parece lo mejor y lo peor del festival, y marca ahí su Film of the festival: I've already praised on this site the Argentinean documentary The Peddler, about an avuncular 67-year-old director who travels from town to town, making a new amateur epic wherever he stops. A month after seeing it, I'm still smiling at its affectionate evocation of that incurable condition known as movie-love.

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